Serve East Dallas

Even though our church is not launched yet, there are many ways for you to immediately start meeting gospel needs on our side of the city. 


Serve among east dallas refugees

East Dallas has a significant refugee population which gives us a great opportunity to get involved in gospel work among diverse people groups. Here are some ministries we would love for you to get involved in on our side of town. 


Serve the fatherless of East Dallas

Those among us without parents are particularly vulnerable. There is a great opportunity to make an impact on young people through mentoring relationships. 


Introduce students to Christ and minister to teen moms through young life

East Dallas is the birthplace of Young Life, now an international ministry. If you have a heart to see middle school and high school students experience the gospel, consider volunteering with YoungLife, Wyldlife, Caperaum, or YoungLives in East Dallas.

 YoungLife Lake Highlands

YoungLife Lake Highlands

 YoungLife White Rock

YoungLife White Rock


serve women in a crisis pregnancy

Two of Dallas's three surgical abortion clinics are in East Dallas. To help serve those families who are in crisis and the lives of the unborn, consider serving in a local East Dallas pregnancy center. 


serve the aging

There are several opportunities in East Dallas to volunteer your time serving senior adults. Consider how you might be a blessing, especially to the lonely and aging.