You are engaged? Congratulations!

We love seeing couples get married and if we can play a role in the preparation process, we would absolutely love to.

While we don’t have a program for premarital counseling we do have people who love to serve. Please read through our suggestions below.

  1. Our first choice for you would be to ask an experienced married couple in your Home Group to counsel you through engagement. This process would invite someone to speak into your life who will be heavily involved in your marriage beyond your wedding day. We suggest going through a book like Catching Foxes together. (if you are not in a Home Group, check out our Groups Page)

  2. If Home Group is not an option, we might be able to pair you up with an experienced couple at Eastside to guide you through this season. If that would serve you, please fill out the form on the right side of this page.

  3. In addition to what we can do for you, there are some great programs at churches in the area including Merge at Watermark and there are some great professional counselors in Dallas. (for referrals please contact a staff member)



If you would like us to help you navigate premarital counseling or you would like an Eastside Pastor/Minister to officiate your wedding, please fill out the form below.