Where? When?

These are the two most common questions and while we don't have "exact" answers yet, we hope you will find the information below to be helpful.


This group of Christians is thoroughly committed to ministry in the local neighborhoods of East Dallas. We chose the name "Eastside Community Church" in order to communicate that commitment. Generally, East Dallas is those neighborhoods of Dallas on the east side of Central Expressway/75 with White Rock Lake roughly at the center of the region. 

While we do not yet know exactly where we will be gathering for regular worship, we are praying that a decision will be finalized on that in the next few months. We are eager for the Lord to provide the right place that suits our mission and our membership. 



The Launch Team will begin to commit and meet starting in February of 2018. We expect to have a soft launch of monthly worship gatherings along with local Bible Studies and groups starting in August of 2018. 

As of right now, we have a conservative expected hard launch date of February 2019. However, if the Lord has prepared us enough that we feel ready, that date might move up. Please seek the Lord and consider joining our Launch Team as we move towards these dates and plans.