If you have prayed and determined that you are ready to join our Launch Team, you'll find the Launch Team Covenant here where, by filling it out, you give us your "yes" and tell us more about who you are. 

Email Adam for the password to the covenant or if you would like more information.


what is the Launch Team?

A Launch Team is a group of local believers committed to starting a church together. It is an exciting opportunity to use the gifts God has given you to help a new body of believers be born, in this case, in East Dallas. Being on the Launch Team is not the same as church membership. Members of The Village will still be members of The Village, but you will be joining an exciting part of what The Village is doing in East Dallas. 

If you join the Launch Team, we ask you to commit to the following: 

"To the best of my ability, and with the help of God, I am eager to join the Launch Team and commit to: 

  • Pray persistently for the city of Dallas and for the establishment of a new TVC church plant east of 75.
  • Support the leadership and other members of the Launch Team even in the messiness, ambiguity and adventure of the early stages.
  • Be enthusiastic yet careful with my expectations.
  • Develop genuine and loving relationships with non-Christians in the city of Dallas hoping to be used by God to see them come to faith.
  • Maintain a consistent and genuine walk with the Lord.
  • Give faithfully to the church, as I am able, out of my time and resources.
  • Be open and available to the Lord as to how I might use the gifts He’s given me to serve the Launch Team, East Dallas and the eventual new church.
  • Attend regular Launch Team gatherings and meetings.

I understand that once the church has launched, I will have an opportunity to more clearly evaluate whether I desire to continue as a member long-term. My long-term membership and commitment would be everyone’s hope, but if not, we can rejoice and be grateful that we joined together to start a new Christian witness in Dallas."